Enrolment Procedures

Entry requirements

Bachelor’s Degrees

  • Upper secondary school qualification following 12 years minimum of schooling
  • Suitable level of English – minimum level of B1 (CEFR)

Master’s Degrees

  • 3-year undergraduate (bachelor’s) degree from an official university institution
  • Suitable level of English – minimum level of B2 (CEFR)

How to enrol at LCU


Choose your course

The first step in the enrolment procedure is to choose the course you want to enrol on. Our Student Advisers are available for any guidance you require in making this choice – just contact us following the next step.


Contact LCU

The next step is to contact us through the online form. We will then get in touch to guide you through the rest of the procedure.


Appointment with a Student Adviser

At LCU, we believe in getting to know each prospective student personally so we can provide you with the best possible experience. We’ll organise an online appointment for you with our Student Advisers, during which we’ll explain more about LCU and how the enrolment procedure works.


Send documents 

We will fully explain which documents we need to receive to be able to enrol you at LCU, and we will provide you with all forms required, which will need to be completed, signed, and sent back to us. The enrolment fee is also to be paid at this point. The payment schedule of the tuition fees depends on the payment plan you have selected. Your Student Adviser will inform you as to what payment options are available to you. If you require a study visa to enter Italy, we will issue you with a visa support letter once these procedures have been fully completed.


Pre-enrolment through online Italian University portal

The next stage in the enrolment procedure is to complete pre-enrolment through the Italian online University portal. You will be given full assistance on how to do this by your Student Adviser.


Guidance in any other procedures

We will help you through any other procedures, such as applying for a visa, finding accommodation, and ensuring you have adequate health insurance. We have partners in all these areas who understand our students’ needs and who are experienced in providing an excellent service.